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5 Ways to Fold a Fat Quarter

5 Ways to Fold a Fat Quarter

Have you ever tried to organize your fat quarter stash and wondered why they don't stack up in neat little piles?  It's probably because all the fat quarters are folded differently!

Each shop folds their fat quarters in whatever way best suits their shelves or their packaging, and even when I fold my own fat quarters, I find that I'll fold them one way today and a different way tomorrow.  I didn't realize this until I started folding fat quarters for the Salt City Quilting Co. and really wanted consistency.  So, I started paying attention...

It's good to know a few different ways to fold them depending on the space you have to store them in or just for how you want them to look.  The thing is, how do you remember which way you've folded them each time you add to your stash?!

I got you!  I have drawn up a graphic as a quick reference guide - and it's totally free! Download, print, circle the way you prefer, and have nice neat stacks forever more!

Get it in Color Here!
Get it in Black + White Here!

Method 1: The Pocket Fold
This method is pretty cool because it wraps up the fat quarter into a tight rectangle, so that means no floppy ends to get bent and bunched!  This method finishes at approximately 5.75"x3.5". This example is done with Collection CF Crosshatch in Navy.

Method 2: The Smallest
With this method, you end up with a cute little rectangle.  It's ends up to be the smallest of the bunch at approximately 4"x5", though, admittedly, not by much.  This example is done with Wild + Free Foliage in Dolphin.

Method 3: The Stackable
In my opinion, folding the fat quarters this way makes it the easiest to stack them.  The fat quarter ends up flat and even with a finish at approximately 4"x5.75".  This is example is done with Paintbox Branches in Lingerie.

Method 4: The Thinnest
This fold ends up a bit bigger, but it makes the fat quarter as thin as possible, while still dealing with a nice rectangle.  This fold would be perfect for drawers!  It finishes at approximately 5.5"x5". This example is done with Polar Magic Ornaments in Coral.

Method 5: The Fastest
This is subjective, but in all my folding experience, this method is the fastest and the easiest to remember.  (It's also how Salt City Quilting Co. folds the fat quarters!) The key to remember is that you just fold across, then down, then across, then down.  Ta-dah!  This one finishes at approximately 5.5"x4.75". This example is done with Glass House Embroidery in Plum.

Download the FREE Reference Guide I have made for you and get foldin'!

Get it in Color Here!
Get it in Black + White Here!

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