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Pacifier Clip : Tutorial

Pacifier Clip : Tutorial

Who doesn't love a quick sew?!  And especially a quick sew that can also be a quick handmade gift!I think that baby quilts are some of the most satisfying makes because they typically come together so fast and they are so, so, so fun to give! 

Along with giving a quilt, I love to add a couple of matching accessories.  My favorite, is a pacifier clip.

These clips are such a good idea, so easy to make, and they can match whatever else you're giving! (Or specific outfits, if these are for yourself!). I've made these pacifier clips by sewing together small scraps and using whole strips.  They are so versatile, that as long as the width of your finished strap is 1", you can do pretty much anything!

These requirements for ONE pacifier clip.  If you plan on making a lot of these clips, I recommend buying the clips in bulk.  I bought these ones on Amazon.  Otherwise, you can get them at your local craft store and since they're suspender/mitten clips, they come in twos so it just makes sense to make these two at a time.

  • 1) 4"x12" strip of fabric, or scraps that sew up to the same size.
  • A 1" suspender or mitten clip
  • 1) 1"x5" strip (if you're sewing two, this strip can be 1"x10" and then cut in half after it's sewn, which I highly recommend.)


I use these pacifier clips as gifts on the regular, so I usually make a bunch at a time just so that I can have some on hand.  All the instructions, however, are for ONE clip.  In these photos, I'm making 6.  So in each step, I do everything 6 times before I move on.  It allows me to chain piece and do all the ironing in one go, so it's more efficient.

First, press in the short ends of your long strip about 1/8".  Sew these little ends in, wrong sides together.  Do this on both the short sides of all the clips you're making to make sure you don't have any raw edges.


Then, press your long strips in half.  Do this for your 4" strip and your 1" strip.    Then, open up the strip to see the pressed crease.  Press each lengthwise side in, with the raw edges touching the pressed crease in the middle.  When this is unfolded, there should be 3 creases, with 4 even sections. 

With the raw edges on the inside, fold the strip along the center crease, and press well.  This will encase all the raw edges inside and give you a strip of fabric that is 1" in width and another, much smaller one, that is about 1/4".  If it helps, clip the folded strips.  I don't usually need any for the the 1" strip, but I always clip the little ones.

Sew the long folded edges together, about 1/8" from the folds.  Start with the side that is folded in.  Do not sew the short ends closed just yet. 

If you're making more than one, this is a great place to chain piece.  After the fold is sewn closed, sew up the other long side.  This adds more stability to the strap and it looks good, too!

Follow the same process with the 1"x5" (or 1"x10") strip.  This one is a bit trickier because it folds down into 1/4", but it is well worth the extra effort!  Sew the folded edges together, in the same manner as the 1" strip, keeping the seam as close to the folded edge as possible, without sewing over the edge.  Do not sew the short ends shut.  Since this strip is so little, it only needs the one seam.  If you sewed a 1"x10" strip, now is the time to cut it in half.

Next, decide which end of your long 1" strip will have the clip and which end will have the loop.  On the end for the loop, fold the 1/4" strip into a loop with the ends together, and slide the ends into the short side "pocket".  Make a good estimate on how far to push the ends in.  I try to make sure they're in by about 1/2".  For a flatter seam, spread the ends of the loop to either side of the 1" strip, instead of having them overlap.

Sew the end of the 1" strip closed with a 1/8" seam.  I begin this seam in the middle of the strip, backstitch to one end, sew to the other, and backstitch back to the middle.  It makes the seam secure and it's easier on the feed dogs to get the little strip through the machine.

Last, slip the other end of the strip through the clip attachment.  It should be just about a perfect fit.  Fold the short end over and sew together with a 1/8" seam, in the same method as securing the loop.

Annnnd... that's it!  As a bonus, these are even machine washable!


To attach the pacifier, just slip the loop through a handle or hole in the pacifier, split the loop apart, and push the clip through.  

Easy, huh?  These are so easy to chain piece and make a bunch of them.  I love sewing a bunch of "girl" clips, "boy" clips, and gender neutral clips and having them ready to go for a little gift.

Happy sewing!

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