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About Us

We are a Mother-Daughter duo.  While that is a potentially explosive combination, we put all that fire and energy into the thing we love most, the thing that has always brought us together, the thing that makes us giddy, spend more than we should, and stay up later than we should – Quilting.

Some people like to quilt.  We need to quilt.  We’re often at the sewing machine telling ourselves “one more block, and then I’ll eat dinner…” only to look up when all the bobbins run out and realize it’s 10pm.  We’re the quilters that consistently over-commit to making quilts.  We only briefly hesitate to join a quilt-a-long.  We have 3 or 4 quilts in various stages of completion, but we somehow always find the space to cut for a new quilt pattern we just found.  We decide to start a baby quilt at the 11th hour (sewing the binding on while our ever-supportive husbands drive us to the baby shower).

We believe in following our quilting passion to the end of the spool of thread and beyond.
We believe that a home could be completely decorated with things that are quilted.
We believe that the best gifts are sewn.
We believe in hand sewing in public.
We believe that a clean sewing room is a myth.
We believe that fabric mail is the best mail.
We believe that nothing says “I love you” like being given an extra budget for fabric.
We believe that this is how life should be.

We quilters are a peculiar breed.  We know when something is handmade or mass produced to look handmade.  We know what size of scissors are allowed on an airplane.  We know what EPP and FPP stand for.  We know why quilting is a passion.  We know why quilting is important.  We are right here with you.  We feel it with you.

And that’s why Salt City Quilting Co. was created.